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VeeHof Dairy Services for professional hoof trimming and hoof care services to dairy farms in Canterbury, Otago, Southland and the West Coast.

Hoof Trimming and Hoof Care Services VeeHof Dairy Services are recognised leaders in hoof trimming and hoof care services where their highly trained team can safely trim between 230 and 350 cows per day in a completely comfortable and stress-free way for your animals.

This extremely high level of productivity is partly achieved by using specially designed ‘Wopa’ mobile cattle crushes that provide our team with much safer and easier access to the cows, resulting in a very cost-effective service for our many clients throughout the South Island.

Our professionally trained hoof trimmers are also well known for their skill in providing safe, holistic hoof care and treatment of lameness and hoof disease in a manner you can rely on completely.

So if you need a highly-skilled team of hoof trimmers with a proven track record for the treatment of lame cows, why not give us a call today.

Preferential Service Available

While we are happy to help whenever you need us, many of our regular clients prefer regular ‘maintenance checks’ in order to prevent smaller hoof problems getting out of hand. In that situation, these particular clients might have priority over un-scheduled calls and also receive a lower contract rate than the more casual clients.

The Importance of Hoof Trimming

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Dutch Method of trimming?

    The Dutch 5-Step method of claw trimming (otherwise known as functional hoof trimming) is the internationally accepted approach to effective claw trimming,
    The objectives of functional and corrective claw trimming are:
    • Correction of the relative overgrowth that leads to overloading of the claw. Overgrowth is most significant for the outside claw of the rear feet and the inside claw of the front feet.
    • Restoration of the weight-bearing surface within each claw.
    • Correction of claw lesions at an early stage.

  2. Is preventative trimming beneficial in a pasture based farming system?

    Even though trimming was developed initially for the European and American barnstyle farming, we have shown through our research that preventative trimming is a very effective way of reducing lameness in pasture based farming systems as well. We are planning a new research trial whereby we hope to be able to quantify the benefits in more specific financial terms.

  3. How often do cows need to be trimmed?

    When the hooves are overgrown. For some cows this might be 6 monthly, others yearly and others not at all. It is important not to just look at the length of the claw when determining the need for trimming, but also the height difference between claws.

  4. When should I use a claw block?

    When in doubt! A claw block is always cheaper than a lame cow.

  5. Can anyone trim cow’s feet?

    Everyone can learn, but without education and training you can do harm to the cow rather than improving her.

  6. What is the best aftercare?

    Make sure cows are walking the shortest possible distance for about 4 days after trimming as this allows the cow to acclimatise. After that she should be capable of walking normal distances comfortably.

  7. When should I use antibiotics?

    Only when there is an infection in the live tissue. To avoid penicillin resistant bacteria you should not use penicillin in any other situations, even if there are large areas of exposed live tissue.

  8. What are the main causes of lameness?

    Laminitis – this is effectively unhealthy live tissue (corium and laminae) as a result of diet and stress. Physical forces will be a secondary issue if cows are suffering from laminitis but will rarely be the cause of lameness on its own. We also see foot rot as a regular cause of lameness.

  9. Do we have Digital Dermatitis in New Zealand?

    Yes, it seems to be developing more and more, and although it may have a different expression than overseas, it is still a disease to be taken seriously.

  10. How big an area do your contractors cover?

    Canterbury, Otago, Southland and the West Coast.

  11. How many cows can we book in?

    We have three trimmers available, which means we are able to cater for the smallest jobs as well as large numbers – up to 300+ per day.

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