Wopa Cattle Crush Benefits


Wopa cattle crush models deliver  faster, safer hoof trimming – without the usual stress and strain on your arms and shoulders.

Wopa Cattle Crushes – Cow Crushes 

VeeHof Dairy Services are the sole importers and distributors of the award-winning Wopa cattle crushes, which are internationally recognised for their ease of use for animal handling and hoof trimming, as well as for their strength and safety features. And as professional hoof trimmers we’ve been using these extremely tough cow crushes for many years – simply because they provide our staff with a far more comfortable working position, while restraining the cow in a relaxed, stress-free position. In fact our team regularly trim between 230 and 350 cows a day with much lower levels of effort and stress on the arms and shoulders of our trimmers and without compromising the safety or comfort of our staff or of course the cows.

WOPA – Best ‘Value For Money’ crushes on the market

Over the past 18 years, we’ve supplied Wopa cattle crushes to numerous clients throughout New Zealand and without exception they report far greater levels of productivity, lower trimming costs and a much safer operating environment for their staff.

Highly-competitive prices

Unlike many manufacturers of cow crushes, VeeHof operate on relatively low overheads, simply because we are importers and distributors only, which is why you’ll find we are able to provide these superb units at very competitive prices. For a complete brochure on design options, accessories and pricing, make sure you contact us right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of having a WOPA Hoof Treatment Crush?

    Hoof trimming becomes safe and easy, the main benefit is that farmers tend to treat lame cows quicker which should result in quicker recovery times and therefore less lameness costs.

  2. Why does the Wopa Hoof Treatment Crush only have one Belly Band?

    When you put pressure on a cows stomach, she tends to relax and want to lay down. Having a second strap in front of the udder is extremely uncomfortable for the cow due to the lack of skeletal support in this area, and there is a risk of doing internal damage. On the Wopa crush, the cow will sit with her rear on the chain instead.

  3. Why do you have the leg strap above the hock?

    Having the leg restrained in midair enables the trimmer to take on a more comfortable posture with less strain on their back, as well as having excellent access to the hoof – not restricted by bars in the way. The key to restraining an animal is not to restrain her to the max, but enough so that she is comfortable and yet it is safe for the operator.

  4. What would be the most sensible extras to put on my crush?

    Most of our customers add the rubber mat and upgrade the standard front blocks to the winch version.

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WOPA cattle crush models – full range of parts and accessories

Naturally we also provide a full range of accessories and spare parts for these extremely tough cow crushes for your convenience at all times – as well as for ourselves – so you are completely covered in terms of on-going maintenance etc. Parts include manual and electric winch blocks that make securing and working with cows so much easier and safer for you and completely stress-free for the animals. For more details of our cow crush accessories – click here