Fred Hoekstra

Qualified Hoof Trimming Instructor
Tel: 0800 833 463

Originally from Friesland, Holland, Fred Hoekstra moved out to NZ in 1990 to work on dairy farms but quickly realized that there was an opportunity for raising the standard of hoof care so returned to Holland, gained his Diploma in Hoof Care from PTC Oenkerk, returning to start his own business.

Fred is passionate about lameness and related issues, extending his business to importing and supplying hoof care equipment, and having gained his Instructors Diploma, is enthusiastic about extending the availability of hoof care training workshops nationwide. He is also keen to conduct further research in to lameness treatment and the benefits of preventative hoof care. He is currently the president of the NZ & Australian Hoof Trimmers Association.

Fred also enjoys engineering and is constantly looking for projects and /or ways to improve processes. He has also recently gained his gun license and is becoming increasingly competent at rabbit control.