One Day Hoof Trimming Workshop


One Day Hoof Trimming Workshops

Here’s where you’ll learn professional hoof trimming techniques and skills that will save you time, money and physical stress – and increase your productivity immediately.

VeeHof Dairy Services offer hoof trimming workshops and courses led by our director Fred Hoekstra, who is NZ’s only fully qualified hoof care instructor who will show you the exactly the same trimming techniques he uses every day. And for your convenience we arrange regular workshops at various locations around NZ where we also bring our own hoof trimming cattle crushes.

This gives you the opportunity to experience working with equipment that could make trimming more efficient while also removing a lot of the usual stress on your arms, shoulders and back during the training time..

These same workshops are also run at our fully-equipped training facilities here in Ashburton with all the various hoof trimming tools and equipment supplied
for you.

Hoof Trimming Workshop Guarantee

This course has been developed and presented over many years by our Director, Fred Hoekstra, who is NZ’s only fully qualified Hoof Trimming training instructor.
That’s why, we provide all of our students with a 100% ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ that they will improve their skills immediately, saving you a small fortune with lost productivity etc.
You’ll also learn professional hoof trimming techniques that are guaranteed to save you time and physical stress – and of course increase your productivity with this demanding work.

“I would just like to pass on that we thoroughly enjoyed the workshop we had on our farm, Fred definitely opened our eyes to some of the issues we were having and really made us think outside the box. We are having a meeting with the farm owner to discuss the knowledge we have gained and we are hoping to implement some of the changes sooner rather than later. Please thank Fred on our behalf, to be honest I wished there were more hours in the day or we didn’t have to do avo milking just so we could do more cows!” – Riana, Ram Dairies Ltd

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn

• The best way of trimming hooves to reduce lameness and stress in the cow
• A consistent process for safe hoof trimming and improved animal health and productivity
• How to identify some of the main causes of lameness and how to speed up the healing process
• The correct use and maintenance of tools such as grinders and hoof-knives etc for faster, more consistent results

Your Course Tutor

Fred Hoekstra from VeeHof Dairy Services is widely known throughout NZ for his
skill and experience in hoof trimming and for his ability to train others in this crucial aspect of farm management.

For the past few years, he’s also presented a 2 day course for final year vet students at Massey University on the theory and practice of hoof trimming as part of their ‘Bovine Procedures Special Topic’.


5 Step Trimming Process


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will I learn on the one day workshop?

    You will get a better understanding of how the hoof functions and what factors contribute to lameness.
    You will also get practical experience in working through the 5 step Dutch method of hoof trimming. This course is designed to create an awareness of the science behind hoof care and the skill level needed to be effective.

  2. Do I need to do the one day workshop before I do the Advanced?

    No, all the same material (plus much more!) is covered as on the one day course just in much greater depth, and with a much greater practical component.

  3. How often do you come to our area?

    We try to make Hoof trimming courses available around the country as often as possible – please check the training page for the current schedule.
    If you are able to put together a group of 8 people then we will do our best to accommodate you outside of the set schedule.

  4. What training would you recommend if I wanted to start my own hoof trimming business?

    The Advanced trimming course would be the very minimum as there is a lot of skill involved in proper trimming, and since cows can be damaged by bad trimming you do not want to start your business that way.

  5. I have just done a course with the Vets, why should I go to your course?

    Our approach to hoof trimming is often different from the conventional way of trimming that has been accepted in New Zealand for years. We believe that there are significant benefits for you in the method we will teach you.

  6. What credentials have you got to teach me?

    Fred Hoekstra is a qualified professional hoof trimmer who has been working in New Zealand for over 20 years. He holds his instructors Diploma in Hoof care from PTC+ in Holland, and has been teaching final year Vet students at Massey University for the last 3 years.


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