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Fred Hoekstra, VeeHof’s fully qualified hoof trimming instructor shares the latest tips and tricks on how to best prevent and treat, lameness in your dairy herd.  For the latest news from VeeHof, sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page.

02Dec 2015

How is your mating going? I was doing an AI run again this year so I thought it be a good idea to talk a bit about lameness that is more specific to this time of the year – that is lameness in front feet and lameness in the bulls. It is normal to get […]

30Nov 2015

There are many publications out there about lameness, and how bad tracks and bad animal handling cause lameness, that we regularly get asked the question “what do you think is the best surface material for tracks?” Even though the claims of the above are, in principal, correct, it seems that most people don’t have a […]

29Sep 2015

Last month I wrote an article on white line disease, the most common hoof problem that we have with dairy cows, and I mentioned that the commonly believed theories are difficult to support and that there has to be an underlying issue. If stones and pushing were as detrimental to the hooves as what we […]

30Jul 2015

A new milking season is looming with some farmers having started milking already! The milk price is not looking too good for this season either, so how do we get the best out of our situation? The answer is quite simple. Make sure you look after your cows. Do not compromise on animal health and […]

30Jul 2015

I just got back from the Mystery Creek 2015 Fieldays where I was talking to a lot of farmers. The low pay-out is certainly having a big impact on farmers to say the least. There are more different attitudes to risk-taking and to the future than last year. This is very understandable and it is […]

03Jun 2015

Are your cows in their ‘personal cowzone’? Are they happy? I have been going on about causes of lameness now for quite some time. I talk to many people about their lameness issues and it still strikes me how ingrained the stone bruise theory is, and the conviction that white line separation is caused from […]

27Nov 2014

Article by: Fred Hoekstra Good Trimming Needs Practice… Last month we talked a bit about some of the things you as a farmer can do to minimise lameness on your farm. We looked at preventative hoof trimming. This month I would like to look a bit more at what you can do once the cow […]