03Apr 2016

Does anyone use cowslips and what are your thoughts? This is a question I saw on a forum the other day. It is quite interesting what sort of responses farmers gave. Some thought they were wonderful, some thought they were too expensive, some couldn’t make them stick on for any longer than a few steps […]

03Mar 2016

How much are you willing to pay to minimise your lameness cost? I guess the answer would be “as much as it takes as long as the benefits exceed the cost”. Lameness costs a lot of money even in a low payout year. It is difficult to give money away if you haven’t got any […]

03Feb 2016

Last month I was talking about the importance of preventative hoof trimming. This month I would like to go through the three steps of preventative hoof trimming, also known as functional hoof trimming. The aim is to have the cow standing correctly on the ground. If the toe is too long the cow will lean […]

03Jan 2016

What is preventative hoof trimming? I have been on farms where they had done their own preventative hoof trimming during the year. When I started doing my trimming I had to explain what I was doing and it turned out to be quite different from the way that they did it. This made me wonder […]

02Dec 2015

How is your mating going? I was doing an AI run again this year so I thought it be a good idea to talk a bit about lameness that is more specific to this time of the year – that is lameness in front feet and lameness in the bulls. It is normal to get […]

30Nov 2015

There are many publications out there about lameness, and how bad tracks and bad animal handling cause lameness, that we regularly get asked the question “what do you think is the best surface material for tracks?” Even though the claims of the above are, in principal, correct, it seems that most people don’t have a […]

29Sep 2015

Last month I wrote an article on white line disease, the most common hoof problem that we have with dairy cows, and I mentioned that the commonly believed theories are difficult to support and that there has to be an underlying issue. If stones and pushing were as detrimental to the hooves as what we […]