31May 2017

We are now starting the dry period. Another season has gone by and it is time to refresh and take life a little easier. Some of you may even go away on a holiday. Cows are gone for the winter or, if we have them on the run-off, we only must feed them and leave […]

15Feb 2017

What is preventative hoof trimming? I have been on farms where they had done their own preventative hoof trimming during the year. When I started doing my trimming I had to explain what I was doing and it turned out to be quite different from the way that they did it. This made me wonder […]

06Dec 2016

Can hoof trimming have a negative effect on a cow? If so, how would you know? I guess most farmers don’t spend too much time thinking about that. To me, it seems that hoof trimming is perceived as a job that “just needs to be done”. Most people would say that it is better to […]

29Sep 2016

The season is now well under way and the Winter has been very good to us during calving – at least here in Canterbury. But even with a good Spring we still get lame cows. Why is this? What are the risk factors for lameness? We see an increased prevalence of lameness during mating, and […]

02Aug 2016

It is not far off from calving now, in fact some have already started. What are the points that are important to minimize lameness at this time of the year? Being the start of the season it is important to realize what the risk factors are, and how to manage them as this will have […]

03May 2016

I have just been running some trimming workshops on the West Coast and found myself regularly confronted with the continuing acceptance that physical force is the main contributor to lameness in New Zealand, together with a reluctance to accept that Laminitis is a very real problem here. So, do we have Laminitis in New Zealand? […]