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Fred Hoekstra, VeeHof’s fully qualified hoof trimming instructor shares the latest tips and tricks on how to best prevent and treat, lameness in your dairy herd.  For the latest news from VeeHof, sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of the page.

05Jul 2020

Our contract milking system is contributing to the number of lame cows in NZ. This may seem like a strange thing to say but from a lameness perspective, the contract milking system has one major issue that could be easily fixed if people recognize the problem and change the contract accordingly. Let me explain what […]

23Jun 2020

Before we know it, we are back at calving and things will get busy again. It is always a good idea to think and plan ahead. There are things we can do to minimise lameness before the season starts: lameness management does not start at calving but at drying off. What you do between now […]

24Sep 2019

As I was thinking of what to write this month, my wife reminded me that our mission statement says: “Supporting farmers to be the best they can be”. And then she asked “what does that mean right now?” As you know we specialize in cattle hoof care and our passion is to support you in […]

21Jun 2019

We are well into Winter now. If the weather stays as it is, it’s going to be a breeze. We made silage on our smallholding only a month ago and there is already plenty of grass regrowth in the paddock. Life on the farm is a lot more enjoyable this way than when it is […]

17Apr 2019

Last month I attended the International Lameness in Ruminants Conference in Tokyo, Japan. This is a conference where the latest research in lameness is presented from all over the world. You wouldn’t necessarily think of Japan as a dairy country, but dairy is actually a significant industry there and so with that comes lameness, which […]

18Feb 2019

Tempertures have been very high over the summer months and people are enjoying their summer holidays with long days at the beach, water skiing and swimming. At home we turn on the air conditioning or have a fan blowing through the night helping us sleep. We enjoy temperatures of around 20-25 degrees, and I am […]

24Sep 2018

I have come across the comment a few times that people are confused about the advice they are getting regarding lameness. There are contradicting messages going around from professionals about the causes of lameness, especially when it comes to tracks. It has come to my attention that people hear me saying that I don’t believe […]

05Aug 2018

Calving is underway and most of you will be busy starting to train your freshly calved heifers into your milking routine. From experience, I know this can be a highly stressful time for a farmer. But how often do we remember that it is also a very stressful time for heifers in particular? Much the […]