Advanced Hoof Care Course


VeeHof specialise in the Advanced Hoof Care Course

Here’s where you’ll learn professional hoof care and hoof trimming techniques and all the skills you need to reduce hoof lameness issues in your dairy herd.

If you want to up-skill yourself in all aspects of hoof care, including the treatment of lameness and professional hoof trimming techniques etc, this course is exactly what you need.

This is an intensive 5-day course that covers the full range of the theory and the practise of professional hoof care and hoof trimming techniques led by our director Fred Hoekstra, who is NZ’s only fully-qualified hoof care instructor.

In fact because of Fred’s vast experience in this field, he’s been invited by Massey University to provide two-day courses in hoof care and hoof trimming to final year vet students, so you can be absolutely sure the information is completely up-to-date and highly practical.


Here’s just some of what you’ll learn

Hoof Care Theory

Foot Anatomy and function – Recognition and treatment of claw diseases – Lameness prevention – The relationship between Nutrition and Lameness

Hoof Trimming – Best Practice

Lameness treatment – Preventative hoof trimming (shaping the claw correctly) – Use of angle grinder for hoof trimming – Application of claw blocks – Knife Sharpening – Hoof Trimming tools and accessories

5-Step Trimming Process


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will I learn on the one day workshop?

    You will get a better understanding of how the hoof functions and what factors contribute to lameness.
    You will also get practical experience in working through the 5-step Dutch method of hoof trimming. This course is designed to create an awareness of the science behind hoof care and the skill level needed to be effective.

  2. Do I need to do the one day workshop before I do the Advanced?

    No, all the same material (plus much more!) is covered as on the one day course just in much greater depth, and with a much greater practical component.

  3. How often do you come to our area?

    We try to make Hoof trimming courses available around the country as often as possible – please check the training page for the current schedule.
    If you are able to put together a group of 8 people then we will do our best to accommodate you outside of the set schedule.

  4. What training would you recommend if I wanted to start my own hoof trimming business?

    The Advanced trimming course would be the very minimum as there is a lot of skill involved in proper trimming, and since cows can be damaged by bad trimming you do not want to start your business that way.

  5. I have just done a course with the Vets, why should I go to your course?

    Our approach to hoof trimming is often different from the conventional way of trimming that has been accepted in New Zealand for years. We believe that there are significant benefits for you in the method we will teach you.

  6. What credentials have you got to teach me?

    Fred Hoekstra is a qualified professional hoof trimmer who has been working in New Zealand for over 20 years. He holds his instructors Diploma in Hoof Care from PTC+ in Holland, and has been teaching final year Vet students at Massey University for the last 3 years.


What others have said about our Advanced Hoof Care Course, hoof trimming training courses and workshops

The 1-day course is invaluable, considering the hours I used to spend doing the hooves incorrectly – it is a day well spent!
Wiremu Reid – Southland

I finally realise how the hoof becomes damaged and why our procedures can affect the healing process. Also helped me understand the correct hoof shape and how it affects the cows locomotion.
Duane Kristensen – Gore

Lame cows are no longer a problem to deal with which makes the job a pleasure and so much safer for the person dealing with lame cows, thus less stress.
Neville Harrison – Hawera


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