A good course! It will teach you the proper way to trim cows hooves and do it correctly!

Henri Pennings - Hamilton

Great guy! Makes you think more about what's going on with cows in yard, in paddock, what they are eating - or not! Good tips on trimming and how to use a knife!

Daniel Turnhout - Invercargill

Beats any system we’ve tried before.

Gary McRae - South Westland

Allows a pro-active approach to lameness. Easier, faster and safer therefore more people can do it.

P. Kinney - Culverden

Great machine, makes trimming feet easy and safe.

A. Megaw - Tapanui

Saves my back and makes dealing with front feet a piece of cake!

A.Crump - Putaruru

Easy to use!

D. Burnett - Invercargill

The safety factor for animal and staff is great. It’s sheer ease of use and full accessibility with no bars in the way. Wish we had purchased it years ago. Great investment!

D. Terry - Manawatu

Brilliant! It’s just so safe. I should have done it years ago!

A. Taylor - Palmerston North

High quality product, great customer support, excellent return on investment! I have piece of mind that both staff and animals are safe.

J.Keay - Bulls