Having such a safe and easy to use crush means less time treating each cow. This results in more prompt treatment which can ultimately mean less lost production. No more struggling with leg ropes to restrain the cow. The cows are relaxed and comfortable and the operator can concentrate on doing the best job on their feet!

David Tanner - Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre

Our crush was installed Spring 2011 with a purpose-built race. The cows now flow well into the crush and being able activate the crush mechanism from the rear makes it simple and efficient for one person to capture the cow. We regularly use the crush for different things as well, e.g. AI and calving!

Wakelin Family - North Canterbury Dairy Farmers

Cows are more settled when they are well restrained making the job of trimming so much more enjoyable and safer.

Dario Roma - Ashburton

Lame cows are no longer a problem to deal with which makes the job a pleasure with no risk of a cow hurting herself trying to get away. Much safer for the person dealing with lame cows, thus less stress.

Neville Harrison - Hawera

The 1-day course is invaluable, considering the hours spent doing the hooves incorrectly – it is a day well spent!

Wiremu Reid - Southland

I finally realise how the hoof becomes damaged and why our procedures affect the healing process. The course also helped my understanding of the correct hoof shape and how it affects the cows locomotion.

Duane Kristensen - Gore

There's a lot to learn and lots of misconceptions about lameness and hoof trimming!

Vanessa Corry - Wellsford

Very thought provoking - worth doing - will challenge all you know about hoof trimming!

Shane Lester - Cambridge

There are good methods to be learnt along with good proactive ways to prevent lameness. This includes how to hoof trim, good hoof knife usage, etc.!!

Luke Mehring - Waimate

A very different approach to the looking at causes of lameness, probably quite different to what you previously thought caused lameness!

Jonathan Douglas - Cambridge