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Who Are VeeHof Dairy Services? – Hoof Care Specialists

VeeHof Dairy Services Ltd is a Company that is aiming to set the standard for hoof care in New Zealand and Australia.

Fred Hoekstra (founder of VeeHof Dairy Services Ltd) is a qualified hoof trimming instructor, has been trained in Europe and holds a diploma in hoof care according to the Dutch method. This is a method adopted all over the world and is proven to be very effective.

We are active Qualified Hoof trimmers. We currently offer this service to farmers in Canterbury, West Coast, Otago and Southland in the South Island of New Zealand.

We are also the distributors of the world renowned WOPA claw treatment crush and other hoof trimming accessories. As a matter of fact this claw treatment crush has often been copied but never been equaled.  Many dairy farmers and staff prefer to treat lame dairy cows with a WOPA Cattle Crush.

Here at VeeHof Dairy Services Ltd, we want to make the farmers more aware of the important role that good hoof trimming plays in the prevention and cure of lameness in dairy cows. Our specialised training facility the Dairy Hoofcare Institute of New Zealand run hoof trimming courses and hold seminars to help farmers treat and prevent lame dairy cows in their herd. See Dairy Hoofcare Institute’s website for further details.

VeeHof Dairy Services Ltd was involved in a recent research trial in which we looked at the importance of effective fibre in the diet. The results of this trial can be found under Research on this website.