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The trial ran from early June 02 till end May 03; a commercial 700 cow herd located near Burnham, Canterbury was randomly halved into two sub-herds, one of which was run as per normal practice on that farm. The other sub-herd was fed an additional 0.5-1 kg Grass Seed Straw per cow per day over […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra Good Trimming Needs Practice… Last month we talked a bit about some of the things you as a farmer can do to minimise lameness on your farm. We looked at preventative hoof trimming. This month I would like to look a bit more at what you can do once the cow […]

Perception and Reality Article by: Fred Hoekstra Worldwide, lameness is the third most costly animal health problem after infertility and mastitis. Most research on lameness has focused on the housed cow – this is logical as housing tends to increase the prevalence of lameness and, particularly in the US, Canada and parts of Europe, more […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra There is a connection between the posture of the hind legs in rear view, and the condition of the claws. Normally the hind legs are more or less parallel (Figure 1). It is hardly surprising that in the course of a few years the difficult task of the outer hind claws […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra This month I am talking to you about the tools that we use when we trim, with particular focus on knives. These are the most important tool that you will use and it is important that they are used correctly which means they need to be kept clean and sharp. We […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra Following on from my earlier articles on tools, this month I would like to talk about angle grinders and discs. The angle grinder is becoming increasingly popular for hoof trimming and I am often asked for my opinion about it. If it wasn’t for the angle grinder we would walk around […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra “What is the point of trimming cows feet this way? We have been trimming now for a couple of hours and have only done about 5 cows!” In a hoof trimming course I ran recently one of the students made that comment. Why do we need to trim cow’s feet properly? Why […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra How many lame cows do you have? I have a strong suspicion that most farmers don’t actually know. When we go to a farm to do hoof trimming, we usually end up treating more cows than what had been booked. This has been the case throughout the 19 years I have […]

Article by: Fred Hoekstra I am up on the North Island at the moment teaching hoof care. During the workshops we talk about what causes lameness. When I ask the different groups what they think the main cause of lameness is “stone bruises, sole penetration and white line separation from twisting on concrete” are the […]