VeeHof are recognised leaders in hoof care services and hoof care products. We provide a hoof trimming service to Canterbury, West Coast and Southland and hoof trimming courses are held throughout New Zealand.  We are also the sole importer and distributor of award-winning ‘Wopa Cattle Crushes’ that provide a faster, safer and more comfortable environment for trimming hooves or for calving assistance, etc

Hoof Trimming and Hoof Care Services

VeeHof Dairy Services is recognised as the leading experts in providing safe, holistic hoof care services and products for Dairy Herds throughout Canterbury, Otago , West Coast and Southland. Our work includes the treatment of lameness and hoof disease as well as providing a cost-effective hoof trimming service that you can rely on completely. And by working with specially-designed ‘Wopa’ mobile cow crushes, our professional hoof trimmers can safely treat up to 300 cows per day in a completely comfortable and stress-free way for the animals. So if you need a highly-skilled team of hoof trimmers with a proven track record for the treatment of lame cows, you need to give us a call today.
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Wopa Cattle Crushes

VeeHof Dairy Services are also the sole NZ agents for the award-winning range of Wopa ‘walk-through’ cattle crushes which we’ve imported and used successfully ourselves for many years. These internationally-recognised cow crushes contribute enormously to the efficiency of our hoof trimming services because of crush design, which greatly reduces the effort and stress on our trimmer’s arms, back and shoulders. The Wopa cow crushes are also world-renowned for their safety features which provides a comfortable working environment for the operator while restraining the cow in a relaxed, stress-free position. Users of these cattle crushes throughout NZ have all spoken highly of their ease of use, the safety of the operator and the lack of stress on animals.

The Veehof Brand Story



Crushes for Calving Assistance

Over the years, a number of our clients have also used Wopa crushes to help with calving. While a crush can be extremely useful in some calving situations, there are many safety issues to consider, so do talk to us first so we can give some guidance. 
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Training Courses for Hoof Care and Hoof Trimming

If you need to up-skill yourself or your staff in the latest hoof care or hoof trimming techniques, you’ll find our specialised training facility the Dairy Hoof Care Institute exactly what you need.
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Hoof Blocks

Claw Blocks. As professional hoof trimmers ourselves responsible for the trimming and treating of diseased hooves, we highly recommend the ‘Demotec’ range of hoof blocks - claw blocks from Germany . These are very easy to fit and bond quickly, giving proper protection even in wet conditions for speedier recovery after hoof treatment.

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The Importance of Hoof Trimming


  1. What will I learn on the one day workshop?

    You will get a better understanding of how the hoof functions and what factors contribute to lameness.
    You will also get practical experience in working through the 5 step Dutch method of hoof trimming. This course is designed to create an awareness of the science behind hoof care and the skill level needed to be effective.

  2. Do I need to do the one day workshop before I do the Advanced?

    No, all the same material (plus much more!) is covered as on the one day course just in much greater depth, and with a much greater practical component.

  3. How often do you come to our area?

    We try to make Hoof trimming courses available around the country as often as possible – please check the training page for the current schedule.
    If you are able to put together a group of 8 people then we will do our best to accommodate you outside of the set schedule.

  4. What training would you recommend if I wanted to start my own hoof trimming business?

    The Advanced trimming course would be the very minimum as there is a lot of skill involved in proper trimming, and since cows can be damaged by bad trimming you do not want to start your business that way.

  5. I have just done a course with the Vets, why should I go to your course?

    Our approach to hoof trimming is often different from the conventional way of trimming that has been accepted in New Zealand for years. We believe that there are significant benefits for you in the method we will teach you.