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New Zealand & Australia Field Days

Fred Hoekstra, our hoof trimming expert, will be available to demonstrate and assist with any queries you may have. This year, Fred will be doing regular claw block application and knife sharpening demonstrations throughout the day.

We also mix it up each year with a blend of discounts, give-aways and freebies. Each year we give away free educational DVDs, do FREE hoof trimming knife sharpening and sometimes even do a draw to win a full box of Demotec FuturaPad Claw Blocks or a pack of high quality hardened steel hoof knives!

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South Island Agricultural Field Days

Veehof is pleased to announce that this year they they will once again be attending the South Island Agricultural Field Days.

Come and see us at Site # 325 for our Field Days Specials!

Date: Wednesday 25th March to Friday 27th March 2015

SIAFD is one of the oldest and largest agricultural event in the South Island; going back 64 years, and focusing on opportunities to view machines in their working state and to reinforce the relationship between farmers, service providers, scientists and technical experts.
The south Island Agricultural Field Days will be held at their new permanent location at 1191 Courtenay Road, Kirwee located 25 minutes west of Christchurch Airport in Canterbury.

Map to the Show Grounds:

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"Lame cows are no longer a problem to deal with which makes the job a pleasure with no risk of a cow hurting herself trying to get away. Much safer for the person dealing with lame cows, thus less stress."..Neville Harrison - Hawera

"Cows are more settled when they are well restrained making the job of trimming so much more enjoyable and safer."..Dario Roma - Ashburton

Our crush was installed Spring 2011 with a purpose-built race. The cows now flow well into the crush and being able activate the crush mechanism from the rear makes it simple and efficient for one person to capture the cow. We regularly use the cow for different things as well, e.g. AI and calving!..Wakelin Family - North Canty Dairy Farmers

“Saves my back and makes dealing with front feet a piece of cake!” ..A Crump - Putaruru

"Having such a safe and easy to use crush means less time treating each cow. This results in more prompt treatment which can ultimately mean less lost production. No more struggling with leg ropes to restrain the cow. The cows are relaxed and comfortable and the operator can concentrate on doing the best job on their feet!"..David Tanner - Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre

“Crush very easy to use and kind to the cows. Cows are kept well-restrained while trimming hooves. We now treat cows quicker because it’s no hassle using the crush”..Kevin Chappell - Leeston

"Increased Safety, Ease and Comfort when treating lame cows. Clients impressed by Facilities and Service. Best Crush on the market."..Massey University Equine & Farm Services

"Staff are more willing to treat lame cows in a timely fashion. The cows being treated are securely held and comfortable. Staff are safe. The rubber mat was definitely worth purchasing"..Paul Marshall - Tuatapere

“Since purchasing the WOPA Crush we have improved the ease of capture and restraining of cows. Simple lifting of infected legs. No problems with back strain or arms getting crushed in Vet races. The expense involved with personal injury and treatment from trimming hooves has been removed. The whole operation has been improved and efficiently executed. Farm staff look forward now to trimming hooves.”..Shaun Pound – Pokene

"We found that cows generally recover faster as swelling from not being restrained properly in the cowshed is no longer. Lame cows are picked up and treated faster due to the experience being safer & faster. We also find it is just as useful for drenching and examining sick animals!"..Taranaki Farmer

“Makes the job so much easier. I now have confidence that my staff can do the job properly without me needing to be there." ..Tom Irvings - Darfield

"Feel a lot better about staff being able to tie up legs and treat cows properly with less risk of injury to both cow & person"..Neville McDonald - Southland

“High quality product, great customer support, excellent return on investment! I have piece of mind that both staff and animals are safe” ..Keay – Bulls

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